A Fundamental Human Right

Privacy Commitment

DeWitt has been providing consulting services that help businesses thrive and become leaders in their market. In addition to our high-quality services, we are committed to individual privacy.

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. At DeWitt, it’s also one of our core values. What you share and who you share it with should be up to you. We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy.

In the digital world, privacy must be seen as a crucially important right for us as a society, as a collective. We always have and will continue to be responsible stewards of personal data.

To ensure success, we have established a trust framework with stringent oversight that will minimize individual and organizational risk while also accelerating business results. Instead of being reactive to regulatory requirements, we chose to be proactive by establishing your own privacy standards based on leading practices and guided by the NIST Privacy Framework and ISO/IEC 27701.

To understand all aspects of how we collect or manage your data, please see our Privacy Policy. We want to hear from you if you have any privacy concerns. Please contact us for assistance at privacy@dewitt.us.

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