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Focused on the individual. DeWitt Advisory gives you a personal and dedicated strategic advisor. Gain a coach, confidant, and trusted partner. Benefit from those that have already paved the way and are ready to share how. With DeWitt Advisory, you can create impactful, lasting change. Fast.​

An advisor is the most important asset you can gain as your role  becomes more demanding, complicated, and complex.

DeWitt Advisory is made for today’s leader: you. It is designed for the times—for the challenges of the present, and for their unique opportunities. It is time to pave a new path to your success and DeWitt Advisory will guide you every step of the way.
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Private strategy sessions every month.

A sharp focus on achieving your goals.

Coaching from world-class strategists.

Trade secrets and battle-tested toolsets.

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The DeWitt Advisory membership starts at just $999 per month. Includes one (1) 90-minute strategy session and up to six hours of remote support.1 2

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DeWitt Advisory helps you deliver notable value—fast.

A partnership that delivers lasting value as your roles become more demanding, complicated, and complex.

Each of us is unique, with our own specific set of challenges to address. Whatever your challenges or goals we will ensure you are equipped and empowered to be successful.

Our advisors have been where you are. They carry years of experience performing works like yours, for clients like you. And the lessons they’ve gathered can help mitigate your risk and add value. Your advisor will be with you every step of the way and help you achieve tangible results in the areas that matter most to you.​

How it works.

The advisory relationship focuses first on building trust and respect.They are the foundational elements that create a long-term and profitable partnership you can leverage far into your unfolding career.

Your advisor meets with you and you work together to identify and focus on your goals, and to overcome the barriers that threaten your growth and positive change. This is done in-person, over the phone, or via video conference.

The frequency of the check-in varies from monthly to weekly, according to your needs.

Step One

Welcome meeting and contracting.

Meeting to discuss your goals and objectives, establish a timeline and schedule.
  • Introductions and expectation setting.
  • Learn your vision for your career and business, and how that vision fits with the rest of your life.
  • Determine preferred meeting cadence and schedule future sessions.
  • Schedule of upcoming meetings.
  • Reading and study materials.
Step Two

Assess your strengths and challenges and set achievable goals.

Two meetings to conduct standardized assessments and pinpoint key benchmarks for success.
  • Understand your career aspirations and challenges you face.
  • Understand your leadership style and establish leadership objectives.
  • Understand your communication style and establish communication objectives.
  • Highlight your strengths and areas of difficulty.
  • Benchmarks for personal and professional development as they relate to your goals and objectives.
  • Reading and study materials.
Step Three

Design your custom strategy, action plan, and advisory schedule.

Meeting to finalize your personal plan and set the advisory schedule.
  • Establish a plan to address challenges with your career.
  • Determine how best to optimize your leadership style.
  • Identify communication style opportunities and actions.
  • A custom plan with measurable actions and a map for success.
  • Reading and study materials.
Step Four

Implementing your custom advisory plan and supports.

A series of one-to-one meetings every month to implement your advisory plan and availability to address issues as they arise.
  • Address challenges with your career.
  • Optimize your leadership style .
  • Improve your communication style .
  • Build on your strengths and improve on areas of difficulty .
  • Achieve your goals and objectives .
  • Reading and study materials.
  • Systems for dealing with difficult people, issues, and conflicts.
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In case you missed anything.

What is DeWitt Advisory?
DeWitt Advisory is a membership program that provides you access to your own personal advisor. They act as your trusted advisor, your coach, and your mentor. They also serve as your content curator and business partner.
How can you help me?
Get access to world-class experts.
It’s often about who you know. That can be the right founder, marketer, VC, or perhaps the right lawyer. When you know the right people, you save a lot of time and money.

Steer clear of costly mistakes.
Success leaves footprints. People before you have already paved the way. Even if you’re in a wholly new industry, the business challenges are largely the same. It could be raising money, getting distribution, managing cash flow. Or it could be hiring the right people—our experts have done it. They’re ready to share how.

Focus on what matters.
You can easily get lost in the weeds of your business, losing sight of the things that really matter. The key is to surround yourself with people who will help you maintain your focus. People who will keep your mind and eyes fixed on the things that drive true growth for your business.

Thrive in an environment of like-minded people.
You have passion. You have drive. Not everyone shares either. But to channel your best self, it often helps to have the company of like-minded people who are committed to encouraging and bringing out the best in you.
Where is your service offered?
Due to the virtual nature of the service, we are not bound by traditional geographical restrictions. The majority of our members are in North America, but we have served international members as well.
Will you come to my physical location?
To keep our team safe, we have halted all travel temporarily due to COVID-19. Once that has subsided, you will have the option to have your advisor visit you at your physical location, as needed.

Please note: Travel expenses will be billed as incurred and are not included in the membership fee.
Who are you members?
We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Therefore, we keep our client list completely private.
What industries do you support?
One of our key advantages is cross-industry experience, which we feed into formulating leading practice solutions. Though, we do understand that efforts work best when grounded within a real-world context. So we’ll match you with experts who have a practical understanding of your space.
Who are the DeWitt Advisors?
Our advisors have been where you are. They carry years of experience performing works like yours, for clients like you. And the lessons they’ve gathered can help mitigate your risk and add value. Their experience includes direct collaboration with senior stakeholders to achieve tangible results in the most critical areas.
Who is DeWitt Consulting?
Company Overview
Together, we are a team of seasoned management consultants who have proven track records. Our experience encompasses roles within Fortune 500 companies, both as clients and consultants.

Our team advises leaders across various leadership levels, helping our clients develop the culture and capabilities they need to be agile and innovative—way ahead of the market. We help them create change that matters.

Founded by Michael DeWitt, DeWitt Consulting provides proven, world-class problem solving, together with a wealth of business expertise and technological insight. The result is change and lasting impact.

We’ve built our company culture on the foundation of innovation and passion. And it’s backed by over 20 years of industry and functional expertise.

We are committed to influencing optimal growth and exceeding our client’s expectations.

The Advisory Team
Our advisors have been where you are. They carry years of experience performing works like yours, for clients like you. And the lessons they’ve gathered can help mitigate your risk and add value. Their experience includes direct collaboration with senior stakeholders to achieve tangible results in the most critical areas.
A New Perspective

Research and Insights

Our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in business, management, and technology.

  1. Limited-time offer; offer may end at any time. Plan automatically renews until canceled. Restrictions and other terms apply.
  2. Extra monthly strategy sessions are available to meet your needs and can be added to your membership for an additional cost.