Program Management

Ensure your large projects succeed and turn around projects on the wrong track
Our distinctive approach combines a broad and coherent view of a project, a focus on business value, and an emphasis on transferring capabilities to your teams to ensure sustainability. DeWitt delivers all of the tools, expertise, training, and support you need across your strategies, objectives, and projects in a cohesive program that delivers results.
Program Management
Strategy and value
Ensure continuous alignment of projects with the business strategy and value objectives
Master context
Address the technical and non-technical aspects of projects, including architecture and design, quality assurance, migration and rollout plans, and scope management.
Create buy-in
Build alignment with project goals at each organizational level, and support end-to-end change management with specific training and coaching on hard and soft skills.
Team mobilization
Assign accountability, drive efforts with a bias to action, track progress, and get timely reports of any anomalies that may impact your projects.

State of play

Completing large-scale projects is critical to your success—and issues can be immensely damaging
Substantial overruns of time or cost occur in almost 90 percent of projects. To avoid this, your project teams must excel in four dimensions: project strategy, technical expertise, capability building, and project management. DeWitt helps reveal critical challenges and areas of strength in each dimension and develop the next steps.
State of play
Maximize value

Maximize value

You need the right tools, processes, and mindsets to move forward confidently
Today's companies face high pressures to deliver more, while radically reducing cost and increasing quality. However, many organizations have been designed to focus on predictability and control instead of speed and flexibility. As a result, rigid processes, siloed and inflexible organization structures, and monolithic support systems often stand in the way of effective change. DeWitt helps you rapidly increase the agility and effectiveness of your projects. Our holistic approach focuses on both business and technology to maximize value.

Build momentum

Accelerate delivery of your significant initiatives and transformations
Sometimes you need experts that work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to achieve and sustain impact over time. We provide the advice and direction your projects need to drive change, achieve impact, and propel growth. DeWitt creates a program that ensures the right mechanisms are in place and work with your teams to make your organization capable of driving and supporting the change long after we are gone.
Build momentum
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