Go-to-Market & Growth

All the tools and information you need to make informed decisions—before you invest.
A tailored and proven methodology to help you determine the feasibility of a new (or expanding) service line and whether you have the internal capabilities to make it successful.
Go-to-Market & Growth
Grow with purpose
Adopt an innovative strategy that meets your business-growth targets.
Market validation
Gain objective data and insights to validate market feasibility and risk.
Smart, consistent execution
Build repeatable, error-free, and scalable capabilities that enable growth.
Financial Viability
Optimize investment, pricing, and time needed to achieve an acceptable profit margin.

A critical driver

Growth is vital for funding new investments, attracting great talent, and acquiring assets
We help you develop a more detailed perspective on trends, future growth rates, and market structures. By looking across all the possible directions of growth—growing the core, expanding geographically, diversifying into adjacencies, and taking opportunities that arise from value-chain disruptions and integrations—we help you choose where to compete and then support you during the execution of your growth strategies.
A critical driver
Understand the context

Understand the context

It is prudent to conduct the necessary analysis of new opportunities prior to bringing them to market
We work with you to anticipate market pricing, measure market interest, develop tradeoff analysis for different service and pricing combinations, and create a signature-ready business case based on agreed-upon decision criteria. DeWitt derives market interest subjectively through inputs from the six market drivers: customer needs, competitive landscape, buying cycle, current state, market dynamics, and desired future state.

Be ready

Internal readiness is paramount to not only go to market, but thrive there as well
Do you have the ability to deliver your growth vision? We look at what you do today and determine success factors, critical risks, investment and ongoing costs, and considerations for scale. DeWitt pinpoints your mitigation opportunities and then helps you design and optimize your financial planning and operating models.
Be ready
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