Digital Risk Control

Digital networks and assets are more valuable than ever—and threats are multiplying
Protecting sensitive data in the digital age requires cross-functional collaboration and diligent action to manage compliance and control risks to your customers. To meet this need, we help you develop a governance framework that enables collaboration and optimizes the use of your people, processes, and tools. DeWitt helps you cultivate a thriving cross-functional risk management solution that mitigates your risk without crippling the company.
Digital Risk Control
Data visioning
Workshops to help you articulate a clear and concise vision that demonstrates data's precise value and risks to your company and customers.
Sustain and scale
Build a program that evolves your digital risk functions from mere compliance to one that can effectively control and deliver efficient digital risk services that create value.
Company-wide adoption
Foster a culture of data risk control through increased awareness and competency to enable and de-risk your digital-business ventures.
Drive maturity
Hands-on assistance to help you evolve and improve the maturity of your Data Risk Control (DRC) program.

Neutralize risk

Neutralize cyber threats and protect business value
Digital risk is a strategic business issue with enormous financial, reputational, and regulatory implications. We believe digital risk should enable capturing and extending value in the digital economy rather than be a barrier. DeWitt's experienced, highly skilled experts help you measure their digital resilience, identify and prioritize critical assets for protection and investment, build leadership capabilities to neutralize threats and make digital risk build-or-buy decisions.
Neutralize risk
Operationalize control

Operationalize control

Protect sensitive data, reduce digital risk, and ultimately build trust
Protecting sensitive data requires diligent action to manage compliance and control risk effectively. Unfortunately, constant collisions often hinder this when balancing the needs to protect and enable the business. DeWitt works with you to build a Data Risk Control (DRC) program that creates an operating model that delivers consistent and timely risk control services, proactively manages compliance with laws and standards, and leverages Data Risk Control (DRC) as a strategic enabler.

Make an impact

Integrating structure, process, and people for holistic impact—with strategy at the center
Digital impact on your employees is inevitable. The benefits of digital are clear: faster growth, better decision-making, and greater efficiency. But fewer than a quarter of efforts actually result in measurable improvements and often introduce unintended digital risk. So we work with you to not just fix pain points but go beyond “boxes and lines” to deliver on a holistic set of risk design imperatives. DeWitt helps you link cross-functional strategies, accountability, collaboration, and cultures to empower your teams and control risk.
Make an impact
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