Below represents a sample Scope of work (“SOW”). It may be adjusted to best meet the needs of your organization.

Rapid Assessment 

Scope of Work

Scope and Task(s)

This Scope of Work (“SOW”) includes a baseline measurement of your digital readiness, a subsection of Step 1 – Observe (see DeWitt Strategic Planning Framework below). Further steps (e.g., Design, Create, Deliver) are considered out of scope but are available should the Client decide to move forward with additional services.

DeWitt Strategic Planning Methodology

Through this engagement, the Client will receive a high-level current state assessment, overarching themes, and recommendations to inform further enterprise-wide strategic plans and roadmaps that deliver identified goals, both operationally and technically. 

DeWitt anticipates the completion of this engagement within two weeks from kickoff.

The following is a description of the specific Task(s) that DeWitt will perform:

Task 1: Planning/Project Initiation 

  • Set the foundation for a fruitful engagement delivered on time and within budget, and achieve targeted objectives.
Activities Performed by DeWitt: 
  • Conduct project planning call to discuss relevant background materials, outline stakeholder interview needs and discuss project governance and communications.
  • Align on engagement project management, status, and risk management cadence.
  • Prepare stakeholder interview guides.
  • Hold a kickoff meeting to ensure understanding of the project objectives, scope, schedule, milestones, roles, responsibilities, and required resources. DeWitt will also discuss anticipated risks and mitigation plans, based on lessons learned from experience.
Client Responsibilities: 
  • Ensure attendance at kickoff meeting by Project Sponsor, Project Manager, and other key stakeholders, as determined before kickoff.
  • Identify key stakeholders and schedule interviews.
  • Provide background materials/documentation as requested.
  • Kickoff Meeting Materials
  • Data Request
  • Interview Guides
Time Frame: 
  • Week 0

Task 2: Preliminary Observations

  • Understand the Client’s current and future business context and drivers as the foundation for required digital future capabilities and assess existing application and technology landscape/state of operations.
Activities Performed by DeWitt: 
  • Conduct interviews with key business stakeholders.
  • Assess the current state through the DeWitt Digital Assessment Framework.
  • Identify overarching themes, where appropriate.
Client Responsibilities: 
  • Participate in interviews.
  • Provide additional documentation as requested/where available.
  • Review and validate DeWitt deliverables and provide input/feedback as needed.
  • High-Level Current State Assessment
  • Overarching Themes
Time Frame: 
  • Week 1-2

Task 3: Strategic Recommendations 

  • Identify critical gaps between current and future state, document opportunities, and determine strategic implications.
Activities Performed by DeWitt: 
  • Identify gaps and the implications to the Client.
  • Highlight preliminary opportunities to resolve discrepancies between current and future states.
  • Provide high-level strategic recommendations.
  • Prepare and deliver executive summary to the management team and key stakeholders.
Client Responsibilities: 
  • Attend the final presentation workshop.
  • Review and validate DeWitt deliverables and provide input/feedback as needed.
  • High-Level Strategic Recommendations
  • Executive Summary & Presentation
Time Frame: 
  • Week 2


The deliverables, schedule, and pricing in this SOW are based on the following assumptions:

Client Participation

  • The Client will designate a project manager to act as the primary point of contact for this project. The Client project manager will be expected to work closely with the DeWitt employees as needed and will: (a) approve project priorities, detailed step plans, and schedules; (b) facilitate the scheduling of DeWitt interviews with appropriate client personnel; (c) notify DeWitt in writing of any project or performance issues, and (d) assist in resolving project issues that may arise.
  • The work effort described in this SOW assumes Client personnel is available to assist in the manner defined in this SOW. If Client personnel are not available, a change of scope may be necessary.
  • The Client will review and approve documents within five business days. If no formal approval or rejection is received within that time, the Deliverable is considered to be accepted by the Client.
  • The Client will schedule resources for project activities and provide meeting facilities as necessary.
  • Client personnel will be available per the final project schedule.
  • DeWitt will formally capture feedback on your overall experience via our client survey. This allows us to quantify our performance on this project and to support a culture of continuous improvement.

Data Collection

  • The due diligence (as‑is) data are reasonably available via interviews and documentation review
  • The Client will provide timely access to all appropriate personnel to be interviewed. Staff will provide data necessary to complete this project, answer questions, provide existing documentation and attend working sessions
  • All data collection and interviews/workshops will occur via telephone or in-person at the location as described in this SOW or as agreed to at the project kickoff

Place of Performance

All DeWitt services, including meetings, interviews, and workshops, will be performed virtually from DeWitt locations.


Below is a summary of the deliverables outlined in this SOW.

  • 1.1  Kickoff Meeting Materials 
  • 1.2  Data Request 
  • 1.3  Interview Guides 
  • 2.1  High-Level Current State Assessment 
  • 2.2  Overarching Themes 
  • 3.1  High-Level Strategic Recommendations 
  • 3.2  Executive Summary & Presentation 

Investment Summary

DeWitt will conduct the service(s) outlined in this proposal for the firm-fixed-price of USD 10,000. A 25% deposit is due immediately.

All invoices are payable net 30 days from date of invoice. While we do not itemize billing for professional services, we agree and will comply with any reasonable requests for records substantiating our invoices. Applicable taxes are in addition to fees and expenses.

If Client requires a purchase order (PO) number, please specify the PO number in the Authorization section and forward a copy of the PO, with this agreement, to [email protected] Client must ensure that the PO includes all labor and travel expenses quoted in this SOW. Any pre-printed terms on the PO that are in addition to or in contradiction of the terms of this agreement shall be inapplicable.

Price Reasonableness

DeWitt’s cost is both reasonable and realistic. Our rates are reasonable for the following reasons: 

  • DeWitt comes to the table with a complete set of tools and templates developed through previous projects and applied subject matter expertise. This enables more effective use of resources by both DeWitt and the Client, which results in fewer hours required to complete steps and deliverables and less risk of rework or wasted effort.
  • DeWitt does not charge for administrative or contract management. Our administrative and secretarial personnel, our contracts management personnel, and our editors, graphics, and production staff are all funded from overhead.

DeWitt is a senior-leveraged consulting firm. Our fees represent our years of experience performing similar work for similar clients, our ability to apply lessons learned to mitigate risk, and experience working directly with senior stakeholders to achieve real results for our clients’ key initiatives.

Changes to Scope 

This SOW defines the scope of this project. All Client requests for changes to the SOW must be in writing and must set forth with specificity the requested changes. As soon as practicable, DeWitt Consulting shall advise the Client of the cost and schedule implications of the required changes and any other necessary details to allow both parties to decide whether they will proceed with the required changes. The parties shall agree in writing upon any requested changes before DeWitt Consulting commencing work.

As used herein, “changes” are defined as work activities or work products not initially planned or explicitly defined by this SOW. By way of example and not limitation, changes may include the following: 

  • Any activities not expressly outlined in this SOW.
  • Providing or developing any deliverables not explicitly described in this SOW.
  • Any change in the respective responsibilities of DeWitt and Cancer Legal Care, including any reallocation or any changes in engagement or staffing.
  • Any rework of completed activities or accepted deliverables.
  • Any investigative work to determine the cost or other impact of modifications requested by Cancer Legal Care.
  • Any additional work caused by a difference in the assumptions outlined in this SOW.
  • Any delays in Deliverable caused by a change of acceptance criteria in this SOW.