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A case for digital transformation

Eighty-seven percent of senior business leaders say digitalization is a company priority, yet only 40% of organizations have brought digital initiatives to scale.

For most companies, digital transformation initiatives require time consuming executive consensus building between independent organizational units. This prevailing chain-of-command operating model applied to digital opportunities can be considered incapable of executing on anything more than a few strategic projects. As a result, the capacity for digital transformation is severely constrained.

Capacity for digital transformation needs to be increased.

We need consumer-centric transformation that can only be achieved through cross business collaboration. We need a new approach. One that is capable of distributing leadership of digital innovation to the front lines; capable of simultaneously undertaking hundreds or thousands of high value digital business transformation opportunities.

Digital innovation can be everyone’s role. Collectively the enterprise becomes capable of achieving hundreds and potentially thousands of new digital business capabilities innovations and services. What we call Continuous Innovation.

We offer solutions to fit your needs.

What is Your Goal?

Enhance the Customer Experience

Identify opportunities where digital technologies can transform customer experience and develop the future state customer experience vision.

Enable Exponential Revenue Growth

Identify new business and ecosystem models enabled by digital technologies, Define and align on the future state digital business vision and model, and Identify the most attractive market opportunities (e.g., offerings, segments, geographies, ecosystems).

Achieve Cost Optimization / Efficiency

Educate and align on vision for Bimodal operating model and identify opportunities to leverage Agile and DevOps methodologies.

Upskill Workforce & Grow Talent

Identify opportunities where digital workplace technologies can improve employee productivity, satisfaction and engagement.

Manage Risk, Legal & Compliance Exposure

Educate and align on security and risk threats posed by digital and identify opportunities to leverage trust and resilience principles for S&RM.

Be a Transformational Leader

The #1 online community for current and future leaders. As a member, you gain access to mentors and peers that will help shape and guide you on your journey to becoming a transformational leader.

Results you want

Transition digital propositions from an enabler to a revenue generating partner to your business.

Business Capabilities

New digitally enabled Business capabilities that create opportunities to achieve business goals faster with less risk.

Functions, Structure, Roles

Definition of the roles and responsibilities, functions and structures for digital transformation across all Business functions.

Ways of Working

New ways for Business, Marketing, Innovation, IT, Legal – everyone – to work together collaboratively to a common goal.

Business and Organizational Model

Definition of the Business’ role in digital transformation and the organizational model that enables collaboration.

Jumpstart Transformation

Quick wins, Accelerated wins, Low risk opportunities.


We believe that to create something astonishing, you have to be able to find relationships between opportunities and existing concepts from a wealth of unrelated disciplines. DeWitt excels at providing thought leadership to create unique connections, and unexpected syntheses between separate ideas to deliver meaningful and actionable results for our clients.

Why Our Services

Help you take the lead and stay ahead of your competitors


We stand at the intersection of business and technology. Managing business apart from technology is not enough to survive in today’s digital world—it is a business married with technology that will enable companies to create a competitive edge.


We take pride in our reputation for thought leadership and quality results. All our solutions are delivered through seasoned experience, perspective, and judgment as your strategic advisors. We act as your trusted advisors and business partners.


We focus on your specific needs, nothing more (removing superfluous effort you typically get from a traditional consulting firm). No "consultantese" fluff or 100+ page documents (that no one reads). Just what you need, when you need it.


Our guidance is always objective. Unlike many tradional consulting firms, we will not make additional profit depending on the direction you choose. We have no vendor affiliations, offer no products, and maintain no conflicts of interest.

Additional Clarity

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of consulting do you provide ?

We are strategists with a passion for business and technology. We help guide companies through their digital transformation by leveraging the state of play, developing their digital muscle, prioritizing critical efforts, and building digital capabilities.

What Industries do you specialize in ?

We bring the advantage of cross-industry experience to formulate leading practice solutions. Having said that, grounding efforts within real-world context is important. We will ensure you are paired with experts that understand you world.

Who Are you? What are your qualifications?

We are a team of seasoned management consultants with proven track records. Our experience includes roles, both as clients and consultants, within the Fortune 500. Achieving real results refined by over 20-years of industry and functional experience.

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