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Data Privacy Day 2021: Leading Transparency

January 28, 2021
Data Privacy Day 2021: Leading Transparency
Data tracking is more widespread than ever. Learn how DeWitt is leading the way to ensure individuals have control over their data.

San Diego, California — January 28 is Data Privacy Day, which raises awareness about the importance of protecting people's personal information online. DeWitt is committing to enabling individuals more transparency and control, empowering people with the tools and knowledge to protect their data.

Privacy means peace of mind, it means security, and it means you are in the driver's seat when it comes to your data. Our goal is to create strategies that keep people's information safe and protected. We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. Our team works every day to embed it in everything we advise and develop.

The tracking of personal data across apps and websites is widespread. On average, websites and applications include six "trackers" from various companies, which have the sole purpose of collecting and tracking people and their personal information. Data collected by these trackers is pieced together, shared, aggregated, and monetized, fueling an industry valued at $227 billion per year.

Awareness of practices like data tracking is only the first step toward a better privacy experience. Users also need to be informed enough to decide how their data is used and by whom. DeWitt has led the way by building privacy programs designed to protect the individual.

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