How Your Business Can Build A Strong Online Presence

July 2, 2020
How Your Business Can Build A Strong Online Presence
Building a strong online presence is an absolute necessity for every business that wants to flourish and succeed in the digital age.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a social media page, an e-commerce platform, a website, or all the three, having your business noticed online has lots of benefits.With so much to gain, it’s unfortunate that some companies still have minimal visibility online, while others skip it altogether. Such companies often believe that their reputation offline is enough to help them survive in the business world—a missed opportunity to take their businesses to the next level. Read on to learn the benefits of having an online presence and what your business can do to establish a robust digital footprint.

8 Benefits of Maintaining a Strong Online Presence

Helps Potential Customers to Find Your Business Easily

If, for instance, you’re looking for a building contractor, a grocery supplier, a hairdresser, or a private tutor for your kids, where would you search first? Most likely, the internet. The same applies to your potential customers. Long gone are the days when people looked through the Yellow Pages to find a specific product or service.

Today, a simple Google search provides people with all the information they need on whatever they want. An opportunity that you should take advantage of to promote your business. Having a strong presence on the internet makes it easier for potential customers to find you easily, which helps to increase your customer base.

Enables Your Business to Be Accessible 24/7

Having an online presence also enables your business to operate around the clock. Anybody from any part of the world can access your products and services at any time.

It’s like having a virtual showroom that is open 24/7 throughout the year.

Provides A Cost-Effective And Easier Way To Market Your Business

Internet marketing is a more cost-efficient and easier way to market your products and services than traditional marketing, and here’s why. Running a television commercial is not an option for many businesses because of the high costs involved. Billboards, on the other hand, have a limited reach, while prints have a declining readership.

Using the internet to market your brand, therefore, allows you to overcome these limitations and reach millions of people in different parts of the world. Social media platforms, websites, and emails are among the best marketing tools available online that you can use to send out information about your business to your target audience.As if that’s not enough, there are sharing buttons on every social media platform that allows your followers to share information about your brand with their friends and families.

Gives You a Platform to Launch and Showcase Your Ideas, Products, and Services

Another benefit of establishing your presence on the internet is that it gives you a handy platform to launch and showcase whatever you’re offering to the world. For instance, you can post photos of your latest products on your social media page, or showcase your client testimonials and portfolio on your website. You are enabling customers to learn more about your business around the clock.

Enables You To Connect And Relate With Your Customers Better

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Without them, you have no buyers of your products and services. Fortunately, having your business online makes it easier to build real relationships with both your present and potential customers.

Social media, for instance, allows you to post engaging and valuable content about your brand regularly. Through chats, comments, reviews, and feedback, you can continuously connect and interact with your customers on a personal level. Giving your business a voice and making it more relatable.

Enables You To Strengthen Your Brand

The online space also allows businesses to build and strengthen their brands. Your brand is what makes you stand out among your competitors. The way you present your business to your customers, your beliefs, the quality of products and services you sell, as well as your customer service skills, are some of the things that make up your brand.

Remember that customers purchase from companies with influential brands, so you must take advantage of the marketing tools available online to make your brand stronger. Use your website and social media pages to make your customers feel valued. Provide useful content regularly, acknowledge any compliments you receive, and address any issues raised in the feedback appropriately and quickly.

Exposes Your Brand to a Wider Audience

Online marketing tools such as blogs, websites, and social media also allow you to promote your business to millions of potential customers worldwide. This exposure to a broader audience goes a long way in increasing your customer base and overall sales revenues.

Improves Your Business Credibility

Lastly, having an online presence also helps to make your business look more credible in the eyes of potential customers. Most shoppers nowadays are pretty savvy. Before making big purchases, they first conduct an online search on different search engines to learn more about the product or service they want to buy and the company that sells it.

If you’re not available online, your business will appear less credible and is a sure way to drive potential customers right in the hands of your competitors.

Now that you understand how important it is to put your business on the internet, it’s only fair to tell you how to get started. Here are several tips that will teach you how to build a healthy and active online presence:

7 Tips For Building A Strong Digital Presence

Create A Professional Website

Every business, irrespective of the size or industry, needs to have a website. All other online channels you use to market your business should guide potential customers to your site because it’s your online home. It’s the first place people visit to check your products and services.Don’t forget to include essential details on your website, such as information on your products and services, location, contacts, social media buttons, as well as your opening and closing hours. You should also consider adding an online shop to your site if it applies to your business. Very important considering that most consumers nowadays prefer to do their shopping online.

Provide Valuable Content

Once you’ve set up your website, start providing your target audience with free, valuable, and entertaining content regularly. Thiscontent can be in the form of blog posts, social media posts, photos, and videos. Providing relevant content consistently not only helps you to build trust and relationship with your customers but also strengthens your online presence significantly.

Create An Email List

Your presence on the internet influences your reputation and your ability to promote your business to your target audience. An email list is an important marketing tool that you can use to build relationships with your current and potential customers, advertise your products and services, and drive sales. When used correctly, an email list can help you build a loyal audience who are likely to purchase whatever you’re selling to them.

Be Active On Different Social Media Platforms

We live in an era where many people around the world spend so much time on the internet and social media daily. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to be present and active on social media, too, if you want your business noticed online. When used in the right way, social media platforms can help you better serve your customers, build customer loyalty, gain new customers, and increase sales.Of course, not every social media platform will be relevant to your business. So, you need to take the time to choose the right platform for your business based on where your target demographic spend most of their time. But, generally, sites such as Twitter and Facebook can be used by just about any business as they’re excellent for posting business information, providing tips, asking and answering questions, and posting pictures and videos.

Once you’ve created accounts on the right social media platforms, know what you want to share with your audience. Generally, social media users are more likely to comment, like, and share content that’s relevant, useful, engaging, and compelling. So, be sure that the material you post meets these standards.

Manage Your Brand Reputation

Another essential aspect that can help your business get more noticed online. What people are saying out there about your brand can impact your online presence either positively or negatively. So, it’s imperative to stay on top of things by managing the bad reviews appropriately and capitalizing on the good things about your company.

Fill Out Your Business Details On Listing Sites

Since most people trust the reviews and ratings they read on listing sites more than the advice they get from family members and friends, your business must be present, active, and accessible on these sites. This transparency not only helps in improving your local SEO but also enables you to stay relevant online.When filling out your listings, make sure you do it properly. All the information you give should be correct and consistent in all the platforms you use. Including your business name, location, telephone number, opening and closing hours, and website address. Be sure also to encourage your customers to review and rate your business on their preferred listings sites to increase your popularity and online presence.Let’s look at some of the places where you can list your business:

  • Directories – Consider putting your listings on significant indexes where your potential customers are likely to spend their time. Some of the leading directories worth considering include, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Whether you choose to target your listings internationally, nationally, or locally will, of course, depend on which type of business you run.
  • Yelp –Yelp is a great listing site for attracting new customers and retaining the old ones if you’re in the retail industry.
  • Google My Business – So many people use Google Maps daily to get information and direction. Therefore, listing your business Google My Business is very important. It’s free to sign up here, so you have no excuse for not doing so.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Finally, you need to optimize your website for search engines if you want to make your business more noticeable online. If you don’t have a deep understanding of the current SEO practices, it’s best to hire someone else to do it for you.

With several businesses competing for the same top spots on search engines, how can your business stand out among your competitors? Though a combination of several factors, including developing a strong brand across several platforms, posting relevant content regularly, adding high-quality pictures and videos to your content, as well as filling out your business details on various listing sites.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of building a strong presence online are endless. You must make your brand noticeable to a wider audience, improving your business credibility, and increasing your sales revenues. So, be sure to try the above-suggested tips to help improve your online visibility so your business can enjoy these benefits and much more.

Acknowledgement: Sources are provided for informational and reference purposes only. DeWitt has no vendor affiliations, offers no products, and has no conflicts of interest.
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