Executive Coaching

make your story extraordinary

make your story extra-ordinary

The ultimate executive coaching program

We built our executive coaching program for you, today’s leader. As a member, you will receive a hand-picked senior-level strategy consultant that will act as a trusted advisor, coach, mentor, content-curator, and business partner. 

Our goal is to deliver enduring value to you as your role(s) are becoming increasingly demanding, complicated, and enigmatic. Helping you deliver notable value.

Hiring an executive coach will make a Real impact

Survey respondents were asked to report the most important indicators of executive coaching impact observed in their organizations. Improved team functioning, increased employee engagement and increased productivity are cited among the most important indicators of coaching by more than half of all respondents.

Improved Team Functioning
Increased Engagement
Increased Productivity
Improved employee relations
Faster leadership development

By the Numbers

Financial Measurement of Executive Coaching Effectiveness

Organizations with an influential coaching culture report higher revenue growth. 

0 %
Higher Revenue Growth Over Industry Peers
0 %
Reported a ROI of 10x to over 50x

Choose from three membership tiers:

Every membership includes the following benefits:

Get a personal and confidential executive coach focused on your goals

Obtain a new perspective and an unbound mindset of what's possible

Be challenged and renew your belief in professional growth

Gain ongoing access to deep knowledge and expertise.

Receive access to original lectures and classes (coming Fall 2021)

Are you ready?

See if you qualify

Membership Application

Please note: Due to a surge in applications during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may experience longer response times. We will do our best to reply to your application with a reasonable timeframe.

Membership Application Process

Step One

Submit an application

All applicant must set forth their qualifications, including a brief description of their ambitions. Admittance into the DeWitt Executive Coaching Program is highly selective, and member lists are private.
Step One
Step Two

We Review Your Qualifications

Once received, a selection committee will review your pre-qualification application. This step ensures the applicant's goals align with the Program's purpose, and their qualifications meet the minimum acceptance criteria. DeWitt reserves the right to deny a request that does not meet these standards.
Step Two
Step Three

Participate in a Discovery Interview

If the application is pre-qualified, you will receive a notification via email with a link to schedule a one-hour Discovery Call with an Executive Advisor. The intent will be to better understand your background, answer any questions you may have, and determine if the Program will be mutually beneficial.
Step Three
Step Four

Activate Your Membership

Upon final review, you will receive a notification confirming that your membership was approved or unapproved. If approved, you will receive a membership agreement via email with a payment link. The fastest way to activate your membership is by using a credit card via a provided payment link.
Step Four
Step Five

Meet Your Coach

You will receive a a hand-picked Executive Coach. Your Executive Coach will oversee your membership and be your primary point of contact while with DeWitt. Once your membership and payment is processes they will schedule your first strategy session.
Step Five