Executive Advisory

make your story extraordinary

make your story extra-ordinary

The ultimate executive Advisory program

We built our executive advisory program for you, today’s leader. As a member, you will receive a hand-picked senior-level strategy consultant that acts as your trusted advisor, coach, mentor, content-curator, and business partner.

Our goal is to deliver enduring value to you as your role(s) are becoming increasingly demanding, complicated, and enigmatic. 

We are accelerators—helping you deliver notable value fast.

Why DeWitt

Our executive advisors have been in your shoes. They represent years of experience performing similar work for similar clients, an ability to apply lessons learned to mitigate your risk and add value, and experience working directly with senior stakeholders to achieve real results on what matters most.

The advisory relationship focus is on establishing both trust and respect as foundational elements that will create a long-term and valued partnership, which you can continue to leverage as your career unfolds.

How we Compare

We set out to be different

We built our company culture around innovation and passion. Refined by over 20-years of industry and functional expertise. We achieved our goal to integrate world-class problem solving, deep expertise, and technological insight to create change and lasting impact.

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Hiring an executive Advisor will make a Real impact

A Business Case

A number of survey respondents were asked to report the most important indicators of executive advisory impact observed in their organizations. Improved team functioning, increased employee engagement, and increased productivity are cited among the most important indicators of coaching by more than half of all respondents. 

Improved Team Functioning
Increased Engagement
Increased Productivity
Improved employee relations
Faster leadership development

By the Numbers

Financial Measurement of Executive Advisory Effectiveness

Organizations with an influential advisory culture report higher revenue growth. 

0 %
Higher Revenue Growth Over Industry Peers
0 %
Reported a ROI of 10x to over 50x

Please Note: These statistics will help you obtain organizational funding. It does not represent the individual gains and career acceleration benefits you will experieince as a member of the program. 

Step One

Select a Level

Based on the challenges you are facing

Each of us is unique, with our own specific set of challenges to address. The key is to find an executive advisor who listens well and can understand and intuit what is going on so that collectively, you can move forward with precision and confidence.

Your Executive Advisor will follow an iterative process which can and often does lead to unexpected results. We often find that our member’s goals modify or change altogether during the course of conversation. For example, you may start with the intention of a career change, only to find that your advisor has enabled you to excel in your current role. Or you may be looking to make an impact as a leader, only to discover that you have been holding yourself back through excessive caution and an inability to communicate effectively.

Whatever your challenges or goals may be we want to ensure you are equipped with the proper level of support to make you successful. Don’t worry too much at this stage. We will guide you through the process and can adjust levels as we go until we find the right fit.

Choose from three membership levels:

Every membership level includes the following benefits:

Get a personal and confidential executive advisor focused on your goals

Being a leader in today's world is challenging. Too often, we get caught up in our day-to-day tasks. We lose sight of our individual goals, both personal and professional.

DeWitt wants to help you. Your Executive Advisor partners with you as an individual. They provide confidential counseling, guidance, and leadership to bring your individual goals and ambitions back into focus.

Obtain a new perspective and an unbound mindset of what's possible

Business today is at a crossroads. To be an effective leader, you must learn to grow and adapt to a rapidly changing digital world. "Business as usual" is not sustainable.

DeWitt offers a new perspective. Your Executive Advisor brings fresh interpretations to the challenges you are facing. Removing your limitations, creating something new, and helping you become a differentiator.

Be challenged and renew your belief in professional growth

Don't get weighed down by your routine. Break free. To grow as an individual and professional, you must think differently. Anticipate hurdles and then adapt to succeed.

DeWitt will challenge you. Your Executive Advisor will test your assumptions and conclusions to enhance your results. We intend to grow you as a leader and prepare you for the future, regardless of how it takes shape.

Gain ongoing access to deep knowledge and expertise.

There is always an opportunity to improve and innovate. To be innovative, you have to find unique relationships between opportunities and forward-leaning concepts.

DeWitt will accelerate value. Your Executive Advisor will help you create unique solutions through proven approaches, models, and presentations. Polished tools, personalized for your needs.

Receive access to original lectures and classes

Are you ready?

Step Two

Apply for membership

Let's see if we are a fit

I have submitted. What now?

Thank you for applying! Below is a summary of the process we follow for each application. The average processing time is 3-4 weeks but feel free to reach out to us at any time via email at [email protected] if you’d like an update (or just to say hi).


Submit an application

All applicant must submit an application, including a brief description of their ambitions. All submissions are confidential and member lists are private.

We Review Your Qualifications

Once received, a selection committee will review your application. This step ensures your goals align with the Program's purpose, and that you meet the minimum acceptance criteria. DeWitt reserves the right to deny a request that does not meet these standards.

Participate in a Discovery Interview

If you are pre-qualified, you will receive a notification via email with a link to schedule a one-hour Discovery Call. The intent will be to better understand your background, answer any questions you may have, and determine if the Program will be mutually beneficial.

Activate Your Membership

Upon final review, you will receive a notification confirming that your membership is approved or unapproved. If approved, you will also receive a membership agreement via email with a payment link. The fastest way to activate your membership is by using a credit card via the provided payment link.

Meet Your Advisor

You will receive a a hand-picked Executive Advisor. Your advisor will oversee your membership and be your primary point of contact while with DeWitt. Once your membership and payment is processed they will schedule your first strategy session.