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Strategic leadership for the Digital Era.
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Michael DeWitt

Managing Partner and CEO
Michael is the Managing Partner and CEO at DeWitt Strategic Advisors. He has an unrivaled track record in helping clients with his international thought leadership on digital growth and transformation. He works closely with global leading companies on board level to define digital value creation in their industry and the financial, organizational, and operational consequences of making this happen.
Michael DeWitt

Scott McClure

Associate Partner, Research
Scott is an Associate Partner in Research at DeWitt Strategic Advisors. He is a globally recognized leader in transformation through the strategic design, change-oriented culture, and deployment of innovative technologies.
Scott McClure

Why DeWitt Strategic Advisors?

We combine best-in-class technology with unparalleled strategy expertise, proprietary delivery and support models, and next-level advisory and training.

How we think.

Be an accelerator.

  • Be creative.
  • Blend old and new perspectives to craft unique solutions that shorten time to value and create a competitive edge.
  • Leverage collaboration and proven methodologies to deliver meaningful results. Fast.

Keep it simple.

  • Be succinct.
  • Bring clarity in definition, grounding in context, and simplification in scope.
  • Employ a practical framework to drive clear solutions, support the organization’s strategic goals, and achieve measurable success.

Always differentiate.

  • All roads lead to Rome (i.e., digital).
  • Use visioning to guide significant change.
  • Partner to discover and articulate the future needs that outshine competitors.
  • Plot a unique (and realistic) path that creates opportunity while maintaining solvency.
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DeWitt understands the delicate and complex interactions related to strategy, operations, and projects. They succeed through simplification and partnering with stakeholders to drive change, step-by-step.

Tony Toglia
California, USA

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