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DeWitt is a management consulting firm that provides strategic advice and effective solutions that help companies thrive in the digital era. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use our services to achieve their goals.

The potential of a new consulting approach

Consulting is uniquely particular and complex where the intelligent and ambitious thrive. That's among the reasons why we value sharp-minded, analytical, and strategic thinkers who understand the need to invest time into their work.

The state of consulting, however, has become increasingly concerning. Most firms talk about digital transformation, citing the need for innovation and swift adaptation. Yet, this counsel is often ignored by those giving it. Many consulting firms mirror professional services such as accounting and law firms born within the industrial age paradigm. But the world is changing, and the rift between practical consulting and other industries continues to expand. The current state of consulting is untenable and unfit to deliver on its promise to clients. Therefore, it is time to adapt.

DeWitt is doing something different. We believe the role of human advisors is still as vital as ever, and we've developed a new approach to consulting that is client-centered. It's not about the consultants themselves; it's centered on what they can do for you. The future of consulting is where the insights you need are delivered by those you trust. It's about maintaining long-term relationships to help solve complex problems beyond what you originally envisioned.

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The new consulting model

DeWitt combines transformational advice with practicality and intuition to to provide fresh perspectives for organizations looking for an innovative solution to their strategic challenges.
Sitting atop our service offering are solutions to grow revenue, optimize operations, and lower risk.
Service Offering
At our core is a powerful blend of strategy, design, digital transformation, coaching, and smart execution.
Our dynamic, distinctive culture and new thinking provides trust, reliability, scalability, and growth.

Solutions rooted in strategic-thinking and effective delivery

As the fastest-advancing consulting firm, DeWitt gives businesses the insights and support to be better.
Industry-leading business models
Our proven frameworks and extensive Client experience contain everything a business needs to accelerate your goals in a fraction of the time.
Producing winning leaders
Our world-class advisors and coaches help develop leaders and move them from a place of fear to one of possibility that shifts underlying mindsets to drive performance.
Build capabilities to drive change
We work together to build needed skills, leveraging a wide range of digital capability building programs that focus on leadership and fostering a culture of transformation.
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DeWitt’s extensive background and deep expertise helped us identify immediate opportunities and map out longer-term strategic priorities.
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