Impact Story

Strategic planning breathes new life into a struggling business

Enabling the business objectives of membership growth and transforming the customer experience.

Client Context

This significant health and wellness company in the western United States partners with fitness providers and healthcare payers to promote healthier lifestyles and preventive care in at-risk populations.

Business Challenges

While information is a key differentiator and competitive advantage for the organization, they did not manage information strategically. Previously, the company lacked a prioritized, actionable strategic plan that communicated a clear set of actions and expected outcomes for removing technical debt, creating an enterprise architecture, and ultimately delivering a flexible and agile platform. The client wanted to expand membership and requested an independent third party to assess from a "people, process, and technologies" perspective. DeWitt agreed to assist in designing and beginning to implement a strategic plan and operating model for data management.

Our Approach

A tight three-month timeline required members of the project team to hit the ground running. The team tailored an array of proprietary assets to develop a mission statement and strategy for the data management department. We leveraged additional assets to redesign processes, create compelling communications, and establish precise metrics to measure and track progress. Our strategic planning approach leveraged contextual understanding developed through learning the company's conditions and needs.

Along with the design of an overarching new model for data management, DeWitt organized quick wins for each area, forming teams to run short-term projects that would yield tangible gains. Client managers led the quick-win committees, which invited other key players to collaborate.

The project team focused on targeted outcomes to consistently link initiatives to priorities and findings, thereby ensuring alignment between the strategic plan, operating model, and the company's needs.

Major project deliverables included:

  • 5-year Strategic Plan that included actionable mini-charters integrated within a prioritized roadmap.
  • Operational Model that included a redesign of critical functions and greater clarity around roles and responsibilities.

Benefits Achieved

DeWitt worked closely with senior leaders at the organization to put into place a new strategic plan and operating model for data management, including the redesign of critical functions, and greater clarity around roles and responsibilities. Key performance indicators are now tracking progress in executive scorecards and management dashboards. Metrics across all business units are showing an increase of new members in all networks, including more awareness, empowerment, and engagement in the eligible populations.

Quick-win projects have yielded cash-flow relief of up to $2.1 million. DeWitt has estimated the value of successfully implementing the new strategic plan over three years will exceed $25 million. A strategic operating model—including improved processes and automated tools—is helping this organization control the rising costs of healthcare while also delivering high-quality opportunities for customers.

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