Impact Story

Optimizing business alignment and performance through organizational redesign

Developing a new operational model that maximized operational performance and the value of services provided to its strategic business partners.

Client Context

This health payer serves over one million members with a mission to improve the health and wellness of the diverse communities they serve. Their portfolio includes employer-sponsored plans, individual plans, Medicaid plans, Medicare plans, and dual-eligible plans.

Business Challenges

The organization was growing significantly and required a new approach. Business leadership felt it was critical to position the team to ensure they continued to optimize the business value of the group in providing services to the overall enterprise. They recognized that organization, skills, and competencies may need to change in the future, and it required a holistic roadmap for making these changes. DeWitt worked closely with the client's leadership team, who requested the optimization and alignment of analysts and support teams within the information technology organization to maximize operational performance and the value of services provided to their strategic business partners.

Our Approach

The team worked collaboratively with key stakeholders to remove barriers, challenge critical assumptions, and articulate a future state (to-be) vision—providing clarity required to define success and chart a realistic path to accomplish it. We leveraged an array of proprietary assets to assess staff skills and interests to determine the fundamental people changes and transitions required to move to the new organization.

We then leveraged additional assets to inform the organizational design, including organizational capabilities lists and leading practice models. In-depth collaboration with the organization allowed the development of numerous viable future state organizational structure alternatives that align with key business drivers, organizational capabilities, and conform to leading design principles.

The project team increased client success through an organization gap analysis between the "as is" and "to be" states to focus on the structure, roles, capabilities, and process needed to achieve the future vision.

Major project deliverables included:

  • Future Vision and Target State Analysis of the Business Operations team to align with the business and IT strategies.
  • Fully vetted next state Organizational Design, including baseline skills and competencies.
  • Gap Analysis and recommendations to increase success in achieving the future state organization.

Benefits Achieved

DeWitt worked collaboratively with leadership at the organization to establish an objective and defensible organizational design that enabled their future state business operations. Key performance indicators established a baseline to measure the skills and competencies of business operations teams. Metrics across the new organization are showing increased customer satisfaction and higher team performance.

The successful implementation of the new operational model enabled the organization to retain its strategic partners, grow services, and increase profitability.

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