Organizational Design

Integrating structure, process, and people for holistic impact—with strategy at the center.

Organizational Design
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Organization redesign is inevitable—half of organizations have gone through a redesign in the last two years and the other half expect to in the next two years. The benefits of a successful redesign are clear: faster growth, better decision making, and greater efficiency. But fewer than a quarter of redesign efforts actually improve performance. Small structural changes or off-the-shelf approaches for de-layering rarely result in lasting value.

Successful redesigns don’t just fix pain points, they go beyond “boxes and lines” to deliver on a holistic set of design imperatives. We assess strengths and opportunities unique to each business to design a more effective operating model by linking to strategy, ensuring accountability, enabling enterprise-wide collaboration, and addressing behavior change and other barriers holding people back. And we use tech-enabled approaches that deliver more value in up to half the time.

What we do

Creating value, together.

Create Structure

We help you establish effective structures, governance, and roles guided by a set of design principles that are aligned with your strategic priorities.

Unlock Performance

We codify your performance management goals with rigor and instill efficient decision making; to ensure systems and technology enable—rather than constrain—success.

Empower People

We help support informal networks and foster a culture of continuous improvement; to ensure the right talent and skills thrive within a workforce prepared for the future.

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DeWitt is able to cut through all the noise and articulate the fundamentals. Of all the consultants I have worked with over the years, they have been my favorite for this reason.

Joseph Mack
Ohio, USA
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