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Market Research & Analysis
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It is prudent to conduct the necessary analysis of new opportunities prior to bringing them to market. We work with clients to anticipate market pricing, measure market interest, develop tradeoff-analysis for different service and pricing combinations, and create a signature-ready business case based on agreed-upon decision criteria.

DeWitt derives market interest subjectively through inputs from the six market drivers:

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Pricing Analysis

We help you determine financial viability based on initial investment(s) and ongoing support costs, the ability to realize an acceptable profit margin, and the timeframe to ramp-up and payback.

Market Interviews

We conduct hypothesis-driven interviews in your target market to determine the feasibility of your new opportunity.

Opportunity Scale

We gather objective data and insights on market interest and organizational risk. These inputs are plotted and allow you to validate the market feasibility of new opportunities.

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DeWitt understands the delicate and complex interactions related to strategy, operations, and projects. They succeed through simplification and partnering with stakeholders to drive change, step-by-step.

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