Data Privacy

Protect individual data, enhance privacy management, and ultimately build trust.

Data Privacy
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Protecting sensitive data requires diligent action to manage compliance and mitigate risk effectively. This is often hindered by the constant collisions when balancing the need to enable the business while preserving the protection and ability for individuals to control their own data.

DeWitt works with many clients to build groundbreaking global privacy programs. Critical focus areas for our client to achieve success include:

  • Leverage privacy as a strategic enabler of enterprise goals and objectives.
  • Create a global operating model that delivers consistent and timely privacy advisory services.
  • Proactively manage global compliance with privacy laws and guidelines.
  • Foster a culture of privacy through increased personnel awareness and competency.
  • Develop and maintain top privacy professionals.
What we do

Creating value, together.


We lead workshops to help you articulate a clear and concise vision that demonstrates the precise value Privacy brings to your company and customers.

Program Structure

We help you build a program that evolves your privacy function from a compliance-only focus to one that can effectively manage and deliver efficient privacy services create value.

Drive Maturity

We provide hands-on assistance to help you improve the maturity of your privacy program.

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Manage compliance across functions and mitigate data risk effectively.
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DeWitt understands the delicate and complex interactions related to strategy, operations, and projects. They succeed through simplification and partnering with stakeholders to drive change, step-by-step.

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