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DeWitt raises the critical questions and uses leading insights, innovation, and proprietary methods to craft unique solutions. Resolving critical issues, creating new opportunities, and delivering captivating results that break barriers.

Our manifesto

We help you craft the future of your business.

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Solving today's most complex challenges requires us to serve in many roles.

DeWitt quickly and methodically captures the current constraints, distills a core strategic vision, and articulates the mission-critical priorities that help develop ideas and transition them from theory to practical reality.  


e help clients develop the culture and competencies they need for agility and innovation—in proven ways that allow them to outpace the market. The insights and skills we provide to enable that remain and retain their value, long after we’ve left. We create meaningful change.

DeWitt has built a varied and diversely skilled leadership and network of resources:

  • Business Strategists
  • Executive Coaches
  • Technical Leads
  • Cybersecurity Experts
  • Privacy Specialists
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Data Scientists

Each of them works flexibly and seamlessly with all our colleagues.

Our in-house capabilities are supported by proprietary solutions, along with our dedicated capability-building academy. Altogether, the DeWitt team has served hundreds of clients, completing numerous digital transformations and enabling previously unavailable business capabilities.

Our Advantage

Three guiding principles that help us deliver exceptional value to our clients.


Act as an accelerator.

Be creative. Blend old and new perspectives to craft unique solutions that shorten time to value and create a competitive edge. Leverage collaboration and proven methodologies to deliver meaningful results. Fast.

Keep it simple.

Be succinct. Bring clarity in definition, grounding in context, and simplification in scope. Employ a practical framework to drive clear solutions, support the organization’s strategic goals, and achieve measurable success.

Always differentiate.

All roads lead to Rome. In this context, that means digital. Use visioning to guide significant change. Partner to discover and articulate the future needs that outshine competitors. Plot a unique (and realistic) path that creates opportunity while maintaining solvency.
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Our Code of Professional Conduct

See how we bring our values to life for our colleagues and clients.

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We are a company founded in innovation, built by passion, and refined by over 20 years of industry and functional experience.

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