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Management Consulting

Modern strategic consulting.

A fresh perspective. DeWitt identifies real problems, crafts bold plans, and delivers results that matter.


What type of consulting do you provide ?

We are strategists with a passion for business and technology. We help companies leverage the state of play, develop their strategic muscle, prioritize critical efforts, build organizational capabilities, and deliver special projects.

What Industries do you specialize in ?

We bring the advantage of cross-industry experience to formulate leading practice solutions. Having said that, grounding efforts within real-world context is important. We will ensure you are paired with experts that understand you world.

Who Are you? What are your qualifications ?

We are a team of seasoned management consultants with proven track records. Our experience includes roles, both as clients and consultants, within the Fortune 500. Achieving real results refined by over 20-years of industry and functional experience.

Executive advisory coaching to optimize business strategy, technological insight, digital transformation, sustainability, organization and operations

Executive Advisory and Coaching

Hands-on trusted advisors.

Personal and confidential guidance. Helping you to deliver significant results, grow your career, and make a real impact.

What is the Executive Advisory Program ?

It is an annual membership that includes a confidential advisor focused on your goals. Think of it as having your own trusted advisor on retainer. Our focus is to establishing both trust and respect as foundational elements that will create a long-term and valued relationship between you and your Executive Advisor, which you can continue to leverage as your career unfolds. 

What do I get out of the program?

Each of us is unique, with our own specific set of challenges to address. The key is to find an executive advisor who listens well and can understand and intuit what is going on so that collectively, you can move forward with precision and confidence. As a member, your executive advisor will meet with you regularly to provide guidance, subject matter expertise, and craft logical plans of action based on your needs and priorities.

Who are the DeWitt Executive Advisors?

Our Executive Advisors are senior-level strategic consultants. They represent years of experience performing similar work for similar clients, an ability to apply lessons learned to mitigate risk and add value, and experience working directly with senior stakeholders to achieve real results for critical initiatives.

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