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We stand at the intersection of Business and Technology. Our experts work closely with you to raise the critical questions, explore the full range of vision and possible innovation, and craft bold solutions.

Digital Consulting

seasoned experience, perspective, and judgment

For most companies, any transformation requires time-consuming due diligence and extensive consensus-building between independent organizational units and various key stakeholders. When you apply this traditional approach to digital opportunities, it can severely constrain and slow your growth. Your ability to remain agile and bring value to the market quickly is vital now more than ever to stay relevant and survive in the digital era.

We help you cut through the noise. Our team provides the expertise and tools necessary to identify new opportunities, validate internal and external feasibility, and chart a rapid adoption path. Our goal is to drive continuous innovation that enables you to simultaneously undertake several high-value business transformation opportunities and increase your competitive advantage.

Executive Advisory

Trusted partners that will help make your story extraordinary

A good strategy does not execute itself; it needs effective leaders. It requires that those leaders are clear, aligned, and performing at their best, which does not just happen naturally. Much like elite athletes and performers, high performance requires disciplined focus and mastery. We have found that the most effective leaders and teams get coached. And they get coached by elite advisors.

At DeWitt, we have a unique advisory methodology that combines leading insights and seasoned experience. We understand how human beings behave, how social systems work, and how businesses operate. The result? You will be able to make better (and faster) decisions, expertly navigate the business world, create lasting change, and accelerate your career aspirations.

DeWitt Academy

The #1 online community for current and future leaders

Each of us is unique, with our own specific set of challenges to address. The key is to find a community that listens well and can understand and intuit what is going on so that collectively, you can move forward with precision and confidence.

As a member, you will have access to mentors and peers that will help shape and guide you on your journey to becoming a transformational leader.

What Makes Us Different

We help you take the lead and stay ahead of your competitors


We stand at the intersection of business and technology. Managing business apart from technology is not enough to survive in today’s digital world—it is a business married with technology that will enable companies to create a competitive edge.


We take pride in our reputation for thought leadership and quality results. All our solutions are delivered through seasoned experience, perspective, and judgment as your strategic advisors. We act as your trusted advisors and business partners.


We focus on your specific needs, nothing more (removing superfluous effort you typically get from a traditional consulting firm). No “consultantese” fluff or 100+ page documents (that no one reads). Just what you need, when you need it.


Our guidance is always objective. Unlike most tradional consulting firms, we will not make additional profit depending on the direction you choose. We have no vendor affiliations, offer no products, and maintain no conflicts of interest.


What people are saying

Joseph Mack
DeWitt is able to cut through all the noise and articulate the fundamentals. Of all the consultants I have worked with over the years, they have been my favorite for this reason.
Pete Eichorst
Board Member
DeWitt’s extensive background and deep expertise helped us identify immediate opportunities and map out longer-term strategic priorities. They produced a very logical and pragmatic plan that included informed recommendations that aligned with our vision and budget.
Anthony Toglia
DeWitt understands the delicate and complex interactions related to strategy, operations, and projects. They succeed through simplification and partnering with stakeholders to drive change, step-by-step. Their solutions were practical and integrated well with our organizational objectives. I highly recommend DeWitt.

We are a company culture founded in innovation, built by passion, and refined by over 20 years of industry and functional experience.

Research + Insights

our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in business, management, and technology

We believe that to create something astonishing; you have to be able to find relationships between opportunities and existing concepts from a wealth of unrelated disciplines. 

Our Research and Insights aim to fill the void between business and technology. Building business capabilities apart from technology is not enough to survive in today’s digital world—it is a business married with technology that will enable companies to create a competitive edge and take the lead in their market.

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