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We think that building something that stands out takes more than just finding new connections. It also means connecting unrelated ideas and finding a way to combine them into one unique experience. That is why we’re always looking for hidden relationships that help us deliver extraordinary results.

Bring focus to what matters most.

Get trusted advice. Zero conflicts of interest.

Access exclusive trade secrets and toolsets.

Consistently creative, always strategic.

Delivering ideas that work.

We find the answers.

Meet Dewitt

Advice you can trust.


We’ve built our company culture on the foundation of innovation and passion. And it’s backed by over 20 years of industry and functional expertise.

We are DeWitt

Benefit from seasoned experience, expansive perspective, and refined judgment.

Meet DeWitt

eWitt advises leaders across various levels of leadership, helping our clients develop the culture and capabilities they need to be agile and innovative—way ahead of the market. We help them create change that matters.

Founded by Michael DeWitt, DeWitt provides proven, world-class problem solving, together with a wealth of business expertise and technological insight.

The result is change and lasting impact. We are committed to influencing optimal growth and exceeding our client’s expectations.


Our vantage point is where business and technology meet. With today’s landscape, failing to factor technology into business management creates severe vulnerabilities that threaten survival.

But intertwining technology with core business processes allows the business to access new opportunities for flourishing.


We have an established reputation for thought leadership and quality results; we take pride in it.

Our solutions are always the product of seasoned experience, perspective, and the keen judgment we’ve honed as your strategic advisors.

We take on dual roles, becoming both your trusted advisors and business partners.


We cover your needs. Nothing more. There’s none of the unnecessary effort typical consulting firms require from you.

And there’s also no fluff or long documents you can’t spare the time to read.

You’ll only get what you need, exactly when you need it.


There are two qualities we don’t compromise on when we give you guidance: impartiality and objectivity.

Most traditional consulting firms make additional profit based on the direction you choose. We don’t.

And we have no vendor affiliations or products we’re peddling. In short, the focus is solely on your growth—there are no conflicts of interest.

Our Services

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you—remotely as needed in this time of crisis—to achieve and sustain transformational impact over time. Our senior strategists will provide the advice and direction your organization needs to drive change, achieve impact, and propel growth. We ensure the right mechanisms are in place and work with your teams to make your organization capable of driving and supporting the change long after we are gone.

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Our Advantage

Three guiding principles that help us deliver exceptional value to our clients.


Act as an accelerator.

Be creative. Blend old and new perspectives to craft unique solutions that shorten time to value and create a competitive edge. Leverage collaboration and proven methodologies to deliver meaningful results. Fast.

Keep it simple.

Be succinct. Bring clarity in definition, grounding in context, and simplification in scope. Employ a practical framework to drive clear solutions, support the organization’s strategic goals, and achieve measurable success.

Always differentiate.

All roads lead to Rome. In this context, that means digital. Use visioning to guide significant change. Partner to discover and articulate the future needs that outshine competitors. Plot a unique (and realistic) path that creates opportunity while maintaining solvency.
A New Perspective

Research and Insights

Our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in business, management, and technology.


A fundamental human right.
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